10 Tips to Choose the Best Fertility Clinic for You and Your Partner

by: Lena Butler

Getting pregnant and having a baby is one of life's greatest miracles and also one of its biggest joys. But while getting pregnant may come easy to most couples, some find it very difficult, especially in this day and age when many women get married at a later age. Statistics show that because of this and other things, such as pollution, improper diet and the rise of unnatural substances in food have increased the incidences of infertility all over the world. If you are one of the many couples who find it hard getting pregnant then you should consider going to a fertility clinic.Remember though, that not all fertility clinics are created equal. Much thought has to be put into deciding what fertility treatment to get and which clinic to go to, depending, of course, on the underlying reasons for your infertility. Below are some great tips that we can share with you to help you decide on the best fertility clinic for you and your spouse or partner. 1. Research online and look at the success rates of the clinics. You can usually find this in the fertility clinic's website. If their statistics aren't published online, then contact the clinic and ask them for a written statement of their most recent live birth rate successes. Make sure that you know what age brackets the success rates pertain to, since younger women usually have a higher success rate than older women. 2. Take into consideration your age. Some fertility clinics can succeed in helping younger women but if you're over 35 years old, then maybe you should consider going to a clinic with fertility treatments for women your age, since you will be having a harder time conceiving. 3. Don't be afraid to ask questions about the clinic and its doctors and staff. It's always good to know the history of the clinic. One that's been around for years has advantages, since it might have a better grasp of fertility treatments and better doctors.4. Check the facilities yourself. Visit your top five clinics and check their rooms, see if the staff is friendly and ask if you can also check their equipment. Make sure the rooms are clean--you wouldn't want to be worrying about contracting diseases, bacteria or viruses while trying to get pregnant.5. Make an appointment with the doctors of the fertility clinics in your list. It's better to choose a doctor that you're comfortable with and one who you don't mind opening up to. Remember that the success of your treatments also depend on your interaction and relationship with your doctor or specialist. 6. Check infertility blogs or parenting websites. There are tons of sites that list the best fertility clinics or treatment centers in different areas of the world. Parents (www.parents.com) for instance, has listed the top ten fertility centers in the USA. In the UK, on the other hand, the Human Fertility and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has listed down the centers that are licensed with the group. 7. Ask what treatments are offered. There are different fertility treatments for different cases of infertility. Some couples, for example, might need Donor Insemination while others might be required to undergo In Vitro Fertilization. Make sure that the clinic you're considering offers the treatment that you have to take. 8. Get detailed information, leaflets or pamphlets about the fertility treatments in each clinic as well as the costs for each treatment or procedure. It's best to know before starting treatment how much you would have to shell out or save, not only for the treatment itself but also for subsequent visits, check-ups and medicine. 9. Ask if they have a certain age limit for infertility treatments. Some clinics won't accept patients over 50, while others won't discriminate against older women. If you are way past 40 years of age, then it's good to ask the limits of the clinic. 10. Consider the number of cycles that the clinic does per year. Remember that the more patients or fertility treatment cycles the clinic and their doctors handle annually, the less attention they can give you. Getting pregnant and having a baby should be a joyous and happy occasion for you and your spouse or partner--even if you have to go through fertility treatments to get pregnant. Make sure that you don't stress yourself and that you are well prepared for treatments by choosing only the best fertility clinics. We hope that the tips above can help you with your decision.