Combating Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome

by: Anirban

Tubal Ligation is a wonderful technique that ensures birth control in females. This technique involves tying the fallopian tubes so that the movement of eggs (released from the woman's ovary) is restricted and they do not get an opportunity to get fertilized by male sperms. This is a very successful technique that offers permanent solution against unwanted pregnancies. Thereafter, child birth is possible only either through artificial means like invitro fertilization or surgical tubal reversal. However, for the larger part, women can enjoy a life free of pills and contraceptive equipments.Millions of women across the globe have benefitted from ligation of their fallopian tubes. However, there is also a fraction that complains about Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome (PTLS). While for the majority the side-effects go away with passage of time, there are others who find their daily lives getting disrupted with the onslaught of symptoms like migraines, bleeding, reduction in libido, etc. There is no reason why they should keep suffering in silence because expert medical help can easily guarantee the much required relief.

Getting rid of Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome

The first step towards this is to understand the cause of these side-effects. There can be two main reasons for their occurrence. While physical reasons resulting from hormonal imbalance (reduction in estrogens and progesterone) can be the culprit, many women also suffer on a psychological level. Equating fertility with their sexual drives they harbor the feeling that such surgical procedures impact their sexual lives negatively, and consequently they start having PTLS. This can be easily combated through effective counseling, therapies and exercises. Some of the women even go for procedures like invitro fertilization to conceive again and redeem their perceived feminine characteristics.There are also several surgical and medical solutions to the problem. Doctors often suggest various hormonal medications to counter the hormonal imbalance and continue them till the body regains its previous state.Then there is hysterectomy, a surgical procedure that removes the female reproductive organs so that PSTL can be reduced. A more radical approach is undergoing tubal reversal, which effectively neutralizes the tubal ligation procedure through another surgery.