InVitro Fertilization Without Breaking The Bank

by: Sheila M. Robinson

USING IN VITRO FERTILIZATION WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK.Sometimes just the thought of what it's going to cost a couple to have a child these days, is probably enough to deter someone from trying to conceive a child. But most lesbian couples don't have an issue with fertility; they have problems with access to sperm.What will be your highest cost? The answer is simple: Sperm Banks. Unless you have a male friend you trust explicitly, then most couples will opt to buy sperm from a Sperm bank. And of course, you have to ask these questions: "Will he want access to the baby?" Will he want to be a co-parent?" "Will he donate out of friendship?" "Is he clean, drug free and virus free?" To us as a couple it was just easier to deal with a sperm bank where the donor has opted not to have any access to the child at all. At least at a sperm bank you know the samples have been tested for disease.VISIT MY WEBSITE AT http://twomommys.comSperm banks costs for a single donation can range from as little as $450 to as high as $850. Certain factors can drive up the cost. Factors such as:
* Type of Insemination
1. IUI - Intrauterine Insemination
2. IVI - Intravaginal Insemination
3. ICI - Intracervical Insemination
* Washed Sperm
* Unwashed Sperm
* Open Donor (A donor who is open to contact when child turns 18 years of age)
* Anonymous Donor
* Storage of Sperm
1. Do you storm your samples at the Sperm Bank?
2. Do you store your samples at the Fertility Clinic? (Most Fertility Clinics do not charge for storage as long as you are being treated at their facility.
* ShippingAfter you've worked out what type of Sperm you will use, then you get into the actual cost of treatment. Depending on your insurance plan, some procedures are probably covered. In our case, office visits and Ultrasounds were covered at 50%. Fertility medications like Clomid were covered and we only had a co-payment, which was small. If you choose to use Injectable medications, that is when you will run into high cost because most insurance companies will not cover Injectables especially if you do not have a fertility issue such a PCOS or many other issues that can cause you to not produce eggs properly. But if you're a healthy female, as far as reproduction, you can count on covering those costs yourself and they can be high. VISIT MY WEBSITE AT find that patience is going to be your best friend. Don't be in a hurry and you won't find yourself being vulnerable to suggestions like "Let's try injectables or let's try IVF", which is a very expensive procedure. You want to use a fertility specialist to help increase your chances of insemination. Your highest cost is paying for your Sperm samples. So you don't want to have to pay for too many of samples if you can avoid it. Using a fertility specialist and using Fertility medications such as Clomid will increase your Follicle production giving you a higher chance that your sperm will inseminate at least one of those eggs. If during one cycle, one month, the fertility medication, doesn't work, then wait until the next month. Don't use your sample until everything is perfect. What do I mean by perfect? With the help of fertility medications you've at least produced several follicles. At least two of these follicles are growing at the rate they are supposed to grow. You either ovulate on your own, or the doctor gives you a medication to help you ovulate. When all those factors happen in that order, then and only then do you use your sample for insemination. If you do not get pregnant, then at least you will feel that you've done everything that could have been done and that particular cycle was damn near perfect. You will then feel better about, either, buying another Sperm sample or using your other sample if you ordered more than one. But since your Sperm samples are your biggest cost, don't use them too freely. Make sure everything falls into place. Make sure you are having open dialogue with your Fertility Specialist during the entire process. Communication is the key. You want to have a baby, but you don't want to go broke while doing it.