The Latest Treatments at a Fertility Clinic

by: Justin DiMateo

Spouses interested in the services a fertility clinic has to offer will find an abundance of options at their disposal. From multiple services such as egg donation and egg freezing to artificial insemination procedures, couples having trouble with fertility issues often find success at a fertility clinic. Partners interested in these treatments should speak to a medical professional at a clinic that provides these and other treatments.Residents in popular states such as New York, California and Florida plus many others will find that with the advances in the medical field, their choices when seeking infertility treatment will be much broader than in previous generations. One such service offered at several fertility clinics is egg donation. Infertile couples often use donor eggs when the woman's own eggs are incapable of creating an embryo when fertilized. Couples and patients interested in this should speak to a medical professional for more information about the treatment and to discuss their own candidacy for any procedure that uses donor eggs.Egg freezing is a procedure that many women turn to if they are unsure of their ability to reproduce following a major surgery, after receiving treatment for a disease, after going through menopause or for a number of other reasons. Women concerned with their fertility who want to take advantage of this service will find more information from a medical professional at a fertility clinic.A fertility clinic does more than offer donor services and egg freezing, however. In vitro fertilization is perhaps the most recognized treatment in the fertility medicine field. In vitro, which means 'in glass' in Latin, involves fertilizing an egg with a sperm in a lab. The embryo that forms is often placed in the woman's uterus so that she may carry the child that results to term.Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is a process that utilizes a similar method as in vitro fertilization, although in cases in which the male partner has a low sperm count, this procedure may prove more successful. Intrauterine insemination is a process in which sperm are cleaned and then concentrated before being placed directly into the woman's uterus. The idea here is that with more sperm entering the fallopian tubes, the couple will have a much better chance of conceiving.There are several other procedures and fertility treatments that can be found at a fertility clinic. Infertile couples struggling to get pregnant should explore all of their options when considering treatment.